Why Mohammad ALJASEM Group

Mohammad ALJASEM Law Firm and Legal Consulting Group, which includes a group of specialized legal counsels and researchers, is characterized by an advanced work system that came from field and administrative experience from various cases in all fields and scientific experience at all local and international levels to initiate lawsuits at all courts in various branches of law : (Commercial – Corporate – Civil – Penal – Administrative – Personal Status and Inheritance – Insurance – Labor Laws in the Private and Governmental Sectors – B.O.T Contracts – Tax Law – Arbitration – Financial Collections – Intellectual Property -Franchise) and with administrative and technical support with distinguished scientific and practical experience. It is worth mentioning that this success of our group, which resulted in extending its activity at the international level, didnʼt spring out of a vacuum, but rather through the establishment of cooperation relations that extended for more than 16 years, during which many conferences, meetings and training courses for legal professionals in various countries of the world resulted in gaining confidence for major legal institutions in Middle East and North Africa region and other countries regions.

Some Judgments in favor of the group

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General definitions

Consulting fees

The consultation fee is (45) Kuwaiti dinars, and its duration is 30 minutes. If the client exceeds this period; A new consultation fee is calculated at (45) dinars for every 30 minutes for all documents related to the subject of the consultation from an objective and procedural standpoint (newspapers – warnings – letters – ….) or any other document relevant to the subject of the consultation. A lawsuit or lawsuit for the value of document study fees ( 10 dinars per page, and in the event of a contract, the amounts are deducted from the total value of the annual fee contract.

Fees for issuing a no-objection paper

The fee for issuing the prohibition paper to conduct a power of attorney, amounting to (50) KD, is paid to print the prohibition paper and deliver it to the customer after he expresses his desire to contract with the group.

lawyer's charge

It is the amount for the legal work that will be completed in this case, including meetings, writing newspapers, reviewing the relevant authorities, attending investigative or expert sessions, appearing before the court, and following up on the procedures after submitting them to the relevant authorities regarding the claim. And what is related to the king.


These are fees for lawsuits or any government procedures that require stamp fees or litigation fees that are not related to legal fees, in addition to any other fees outside of fees, such as (photocopying files with the relevant authorities) and other expenses.

Practical experiences

Mohammad ALJASEM Law Firm and Legal Consulting Group

Founder and CEO

The group is headed by Mr. Mohammad ALJASEM, the lawyer, and he has included a group of the best lawyers and legal researchers and judicial commentators in Kuwait, in coordination and cooperation with an international legal team.

Ghiras ( project )

2019 Advisor to the National Awareness Project for Drug Prevention

Mr. Mohammad ALJASEM, the lawyer, participated in the national awareness project for drug prevention (Ghiras) as a consultant.

Tech Office Company

Founder and CEO

Tech Office was established with the aim of becoming a leading company in designing and managing websites and by providing applications and software systems to customers with high quality in various technological fields.

The General Authority for Sports

2018-2017 Legal advisor at the General Authority for Sports

A legal advisor in the General Authority for Sports and a legal advisor at the Director General›s Office of the General Authority for Sports, specializing in all cases related to the General Authority for Sports and providing legal opinion on legal and administrative procedures in all the work and activities of the Authority.

AlSarat Law Firm

Lawyer and partner

Practicing all legal work for clients in cooperation with the AlSarat Legal Group teamwork.

Kuwait Bar Association

Lawyer at the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Constitutional Court

The Court of Cassation is the highest level of litigation on Kuwait. It is the final stage of litigation and its Judgments are considered legal principles. It consists of a president, vice president and counselors. It looks into appeals filed by the Court of Appeal and issues its judgments with the opinion of the majority.


Certified expert in international cooperation for the international law enforcement

Participated in many international forums of the International Interpol, such as a workshop to pursue international wanted persons (Interpol France – Lyon from 13 to 17 January 2014.) A workshop on job supervision of the International Criminal Police Organization (1) by Interpol France – Lyon from 3 to 4 June 2014), the representative of the International Organization of Interpol at the United Nations Conference on Tourism Security (Egypt – Cairo from 14 to 15 September 2014).

Public Authority for Criminal Investigation

Investigation officer

A specialized legal research and investigation officer who worked on many cases that exceeded 3150 cases during the period from 2006 to 2016.

Bachelorˈs degree in Law and Police Sciences.

Dubai Police Academy 2006.

Master's degree in Criminal Law.

Kingdom of Bahrain, Gulf University 2011.

Cambridge International Diploma in Information Technology Skills.

Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences 2012.

Training courses
Television and radio