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Mohammad K. ALJASEM

Owner of Mohammad ALJASEM Law firm.

Lawyer at Alsarat Legal Group.

CEO and Founder at TECHOFFICE IT Development Solutions company.

Along with the release of Internet around 1997 and through to 2002, my interests in Information Technology began to grow. At the outset of 2002, and after joining the Dubai Police Academy for law and police sciences, I was part in his highness Al Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Project in 2004, Electronic Government Officers program in particular, which combined law and police science with IT into one unique program for the future of the electronic government. This lead to the enrichment of my inclination towards this hobby independently. Those courses revolved around basic and simple knowledge in the computer field for quality electronic management. With the beginning of the work-life from 2006 to 2009 and in the midst of working on thousands of cases, I felt cybercrime laws legislation was missing, which drove me to make a master’s degree research and continue working from 2009 to 2011 on legislation of internet crimes. This allowed me to mix my hobby with my work in criminal law. Subsequently, I continued working in this field from 2011 to 2013 as specialized cybercrime investigation officer, letting me present my research to the responsible parties in law legislation of cybercrime in Kuwait and give awareness of cybercrime on TV, social media, and through courses. Thereafter, I got the biggest opportunity to become the first Kuwaiti criminal investigation officer to participate in the largest international criminal police organization, INTERPOL, as specialized officer for 3 years, focusing on INTERPOL ‘s several databases that contain millions of data, and concentrating on the cooperation with the member countries. As a result, this boosted my IT knowledge and experience globally. In accordance with all this experience, it became hard to deal with stiff governmental environments, especially in the martial trait, which pays a lot of attention to military ranks, disregarding experiences and academic degrees. With all this, it became hard to communicate with those of high ranks, who show “low profiles” and face hard time to understand professional work manners as well as the evolution our world has come to, as found in INTERPOL. Here is when I took a stand to follow up with all the evolution and work in law as well as IT, which moved me to break free from all chains, leading to the creation of TECHOFFICE, which targets IT services, and continuing my career within my studied field after being accepted in the highest legal levels as a Lawyer at the Constitutional Court and the Court of Cassation. Believing that a person is free of choice, having acquired lots of experience, and encouraging myself to start building my own ideas and strategies, it became one of my main targets to open an IT services company, and at the same time, work as a lawyer, who is always glad to represent clients in all legal procedures and services.

Do not be part of stiff work environments, gain experience and free oneself from what holds you back, and take on with your future!

“Mohammed ALJASEM”

Work Experience

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced

  1. Legal adviser

    The Public Authority of Sport⁠⁠⁠⁠
  2. Lawyer

    in Alsarat Legal Group
    Alsarat strive to set apart our clients through our legal services provided by our office, by the means of a notable, well-chosen staff, which raises our office to the top of the elite law firms list locally, regionally, and globally.
  3. CEO and Founder

    TECHOFFICE: trusted computer support for businesses
  4. Regional Specialized Officer

    in INTERPOL, Lyon, France
    The link between the Middle Eastern and North African countries with the INTERPOL’s specialized departments and other regional countries regarding the police communication services, police database services, on-field police support, training and development, communication with regional partners, conferences’ organization, workshops, and annual meetings.
  5. Investigation Officer

    at the Cybercrime Combating Department
    Detective and Investigation Officer specialized in criminal cases against the residents, and detective and investigation officer in illegal conduct. Up to this day, I have worked on several cases which exceeded 1800 case within that period, and many judicial decisions have been issued against the perpetrators of those criminal acts.
  6. Investigation Officer

    at the Industrial Shwaikh Police Station
  7. Police Special Squad Officer

    at the Capital’s Investigation Department
  8. Investigation Officer

    at the Capital’s Investigation Department
    Al-Rawda Police Station
  9. Investigation Officer

    at the General Department of Criminal Investigation
    Ministry of Interior – Kuwait
  10. Officer Candidate

    Dubai Police Academy - United Arab Emirates


Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Master’s Degree in “Criminal Law``

Kingdom of Bahrain – Gulf University



Bachelor in “Law and Police Sciences”

Dubai Police Academy



International Cambridge IT Skills Diploma

Saad Al-Abdullah Police Academy for Security Sciences

Police Officers Training Institute – Kuwait



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