1-Mohammad ALJASEM Law Firm Call Center


In an era where digital communication is on the rise, call centers have become one of the essential tools that successful companies and institutions use to engage with their clientele.The Mohammad Aljasem Legal Consultancy and Law Practice Group has established a 247/ legal call center to adopt this trend. The significance includes:

1. Direct Communication:

The call center for the Mohammad Aljasem Legal Consultancy and Law Practice Group provides clients with an opportunity for direct communication with the firm, whether it’s for making inquiries, seeking legal advice, or requesting the dispatch of one of the group’s attorneys in urgent situations.

2.Prompt responses:

In legal matters, there is often an urgent need for timely responses, The call center ensures that client inquiries are addressed swiftly and efficiently.

3. Service Enhancement:

Service enhancement: The call center focuses on delivering excellent customer service, aiding clients in making informed legal decisions and ensuring their actions are legally protected.


1. Handling Inquiries:

The Mohammad Aljasem Legal Consultancy and Law Practice Groupʼs call center caters to a wide range of legal inquiries, directing them to the appropriate specialized consultants within the group.

2. Call Transfers:

If the required consultant isnʼt available, the call center can redirect the call to another consultant or schedule a l a te r appointment.

3. Information Provision:

Staff at the call center can offer basic information about the firmʼs services and general legal matters.

4. Direct Surveys:

Post-consultation, the call center allows clients to provide their suggestions and feedback via a survey link, helping the firm enhance its client services.


the call center of the Mohammad Aljasem Legal Consultancy and Law Practice Group acts as a hotline between the firm and its clients, playing a vital role in delivering exceptional client service and bolstering clientsʼ trust in the firm.

2-Cases related the Commercial Law and Corporate Law

The group also provides continuous legal advice to develop and update corporate regulations based on our experience with our clients from companies that have world-famous agencies, in addition to setting up a mechanism and procedures for regulating workflow in them. The group also provides a full-time Legal Counsel for each major company to work at the headquarters of the contracting company if necessary to ensure the quality of achievement in the administrative and legal fields, and the group strives to apply the rules and articles of Commercial Law in its widest scope, and this is fixed through our treatment within the group is to Looking after the interests of our client and preserve of on his rights whether current or future, whether our client is a citizen or an expatriate, and we follow all approaches that guarantee the rights of our client in the long term.

3-Cases related the Civil Law and its branches

The group also provides continuous Legal consultations regarding Civil disputes of all branches regarding signature validity lawsuits, validity and enforcement lawsuits, sorting and dividing the estate lawsuits, common money division lawsuits, and final division lawsuits. It specializes in inheritance lawsuits and inheritance division in accordance with exclusive ownership and mortgaged ownership and in accordance with the laws of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare. The group has team that specializes in this type of case with great professionalism, guaranteeing our client all his rights, even if he is an heir among hundreds of heirs.

4-Cases related to administrative law

The group has a long experience in administrative cases in terms of separating between administrative cases that require a grievance to be filed and those that are supposed to be filed directly without a grievance, ensuring that the client not getting lost between the two matters. We specialize in lawsuits for assessing efficiency and canceling administrative decisions issued by the administration, which include arbitrariness, illegality, and violation of laws and regulations, and lawsuits of bypassing the functional grade and all administrative lawsuits related to all ministries of the state, including the Interior, Justice, Petroleum and Kuwait University, and all these types of cases are challenged with great professionalism After studying the case and consulting about it between the group leader and the office’s specialized Counsels, and we have a wide experience in this matter and judicial precedents that prove the validity of this.

5-Cases related to the Penal Code and Criminal procedures and Trials

The group has a long experience in listening to the complaints of its clients, drafting the legal papers and adapting the incident in accordance with the crimes stipulated in the Kuwaiti Penal Code, and from the beginning of the incident and the first moment in it, the group is committed to attending the Public Prosecution investigations with our client, whether he is an accused or a victim, and undertakes his support until the case referred to the court, to initiate sessions and pleadings, and to prepare effective memorandums which its reasons and grounds we find listed within the reasons of judgement.

6-Rent Cases

All the Rental cases assigned to us by our clients, were won and judgments were issued in our favor in accordance with the Rent Law and the amendments made to it, and the group studies all its cases before accepting them and assuming the defense in which.

7-Labor Cases

The Labor cases that the client entrusts to us, we study them and try to show the true picture of the client, whether he is a worker or an employer in light of the new Labor Law No. 1 of 2010 and the amendments made to it in an attempt to present the truth to the stakeholders in claiming all labor rights of any of the parties of dispute, especially that We have a team specialized in research and enforcement of the correct law, and our group has a team specialized in enforcement procedures.

8-Compensation and Insurance Cases

The group has experience in compensation cases in all its forms, including accidental injury, accidental killing, car accidents, and compensation for crimes of conviction and innocence. We file compensation claims after studying them with the client and clarifying who is responsible for doing the mistake, whether it is a person or a company, or that there is another party responsible for compensation. Like insurance companies, for example. We have sufficient experience in issues of solutions that are often claimed by insurance companies for persons unjustly, all after studying the insurance policy and reviewing and studying all its conditions and their suitability to the insurance law contained in the civil law. The group specializes in organizing training courses for major insurance companies in the State of Kuwait and in writing legal reports about its legal status.

9-Drafting and reviewing Contracts, judgments enforcement, and cash collection

Mohammad ALJASEM Legal Group possesses the technical skill in legal drafting, reviewing and auditing all types of contracts. The group also had the credit for laying the basis and drafting terms and conditions for modern electronic applications. A meeting takes place with the client to obtain information from him that he wishes to draft the contract with or from him. The terms are drafted and he is summoned to discuss them Professionally and with a broad view of what is expected to happen in the future with or against him, and contracts of all kinds are drafted with great professionalism that guarantees our client all his rights. This does not prevent us from applying all branches of the Personal Status Law and Family Law in all its sections and all its branches, and we have many previous experiences in that.

10-Personal Status Cases and Cases related the Family law

Lawyers, legal researchers, and judicial commentators in the group have long experience in all family cases and personal status disputes before family courts, whether our client is plaintiff or defendant, including divorce, and separation cases. And we believe in the multiplicity of individual claim cases for all women’s rights and her children, so we enumerate the filing of cases and make each item of marital rights claims in separate lawsuits. The group also has experience in implementing final judgments, extracting executive formulas, opening execution files, and following up its procedures in judgment enforcement departments, such as travel bans and seizure of funds and real estate. The group also has practical experience in collecting money cordially and according to a modern collection strategy for the benefit of its clients.

11-International Foreign relations of The Group

Mohammad ALJASEM Law Firm and Legal Consulting Group possesses strong relations with external offices, organizations and authorities and serves as a link between the Middle East and North Africa region and the countries of other regions, as well as the result of the conclusion of many bilateral agreements between the group and the offices of accredited lawyers in a group of countries that have social and commercial relations with Kuwait. The group also possesses mutual legal and security relations with its clients and trust based on the activities carried out by the CEO of the group during the past 14 years during which many conferences, meetings, workshops, committees, and training and practical courses for legal practitioners, in his capacity as a participant, organizer, trainer, lecturer, or guest of honor in various countries of the world.

12-Arbitration Disputes

The CEO of the group, in his capacity as an arbitrator and conciliator in G.C.C Commercial Arbitration Centre- Kuwait (Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry), has extensive experience in the field of arbitration, conciliation, and alternative dispute resolution methods. The work team is specialized in dealing with disputes related to arbitration procedures, starting from the preparation of the arbitration compromise, the selection of arbitrators, the language of arbitration, the conduct of its procedures, as well as the exclusion of Arbitrators and the issuance of interim arbitral decisions and the implementation and appeal of arbitral decisions.

13-Intellectual property and illicit trade

The Group is keen to provide its relevant services to its corporate and individual clients in accordance with the latest legislative framework, it provides its services in the matter of competition protection, combating commercial fraud, intellectual property rights, trademark and patent registration contracts, copyright and anti-counterfeiting, and the Group also provides advice to clients on copyright law and related rights, trademarks, patents and copyrights.

14-Franchise Contract Drafting Service

The group provides the service of drafting franchise contracts between the contracting parties, in order to provide a full and legal cover for granting one or more of the contracting parties one or more intellectual, industrial or technical property rights to produce a commodity or distribute products or services under the trademark that is produced or used by franchisee according to his instructions and under his supervision exclusively in a limited geographical area and for a specific period of time based on a contract of agreement organized by the legal group in accordance with international standards regulating this type of contract and in accordance with the laws, regulations and systems for each party and according to the spatial legal jurisdiction that regulates the good secrecy of this contract.